Treadle feeder 10 Ltr
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10 ltr treadle feeder


This treadle feeder has a capacity of 10 Ltr . This equals approximately 7,5 kg food. 1 large hens can forage from this treadle feeder at one time. The shutter opens from 800 grams up.

Size treadle feeder 10 Ltr.
Height:   40 cm
Width: 22,5 cm
Depth:      23 cm

Buy a treadle feeder now and reduce on feeding cost
This treadle feeder prevents that vermin can eat from your costly   chicken corn.

You will need less corn. A treadle feeder will earn itself in no time!
The best investment for your fowl is a treadle feeder from treadlefeeder.co.uk.

Ordering a treadle feeder: Please visit :
UK Poultry Supplies or www.broedmachine.nl or Incubation Experts


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